George Agaronov was born in 1982 in Moscow. He graduated from the State University of circus and variety arts as a stand-up comedian and RATI GITIS (Russian university of theatrical arts) as a director.

He succeeded in a comic duo “Mad comedians” and won gran-prix at “Comediana 2014 – International humour festival in Odessa“.

He is a laureate of many contests – “Yalta-Moscow-tranzit”, “Planeta klounady” (“Planet of clownery”), “Konkurs Brunova”(“Brunov’s competition”). He took part in Channel One (Official State First channel of Russia) television project “Smeshnyie lyudi”(“Funny people”) that was broadcasted during whole season. George Agaronov and Karina Zvereva performed as co-hosts of the program appearing as a comic cascade pair.George participated in a humour festival Yurmala (project of Channel One).

George is a constant participant of such cyclic telecasts as “Anshlag”, “Smeyatsa razreshaetsa”, “Krivoye zerkalo”, “Izmailovsky park”, “Umora”, “Bolshaya prem’yera”, Gennady Vetrov’s telebenefits as well as telebenefits of “Gennady Vetrov andYuri Galtsev”, “Komnata smeha”, “Smeh s dostavkoi na dom”, humour festival “Yalta-Moskva-tranzit” etc.

A member of “Vetrenyie lyudi” theatre, George Agaronov performed many a time in Ural, in Siberia, Far East, Black Sea coast etc. In the framework of “G.Vetrov and Yuri Galtsev” project, George went on tour to different countries (USA, Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, Baltic States, Belarus, Ukraine).

As a solo comedian, George worked in Japan, South Korea, Oman, Estonia, Germany and Portugal.

George is a constant participator of the theatres  “Tall Brothers” , Ognennyie lyudi, “Windy people”, “Spam Theatre”  etc.

Furthermore George is producing electronic dance music on a professional level. He has his own project called PANTOMIMAN project.

George is a professional performer in the forth generation of artists of circus and variety arts. His grandfather, Sung Siu – Whethera juggler, an illusionist of Chinese origin who lived and worked in the USSR. He debuted in circus at the age of 6. His grandfather Agaronov George Danilovich and Krimgilda Siuliyevna Agaronova are honoured artists of variety arts of the USSR. They performed with a legendary number “Polyot mysli” (“Flight of thought”) in the genre of mnemonics. While touring in the USSR and abroad, Agaronovs carried dialogues in the language of the country or union republic they visited including English, French, Spanish, German, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Ukrainian, Armenian, Georgian, Latvian and Estonian languages.

George’s father Igor and mother Larisa are as much popular artists both on variety stage and circus ring. They have several unusual acts – “Dance of juggler with a drum” and an illusion “Game with ribbons” are among them. With these performances they travelled around the world, taking audience’s breath away each single time. Following in their steps, George chose one of the most challenging genres – comedy. His first performance was at the age of 5, he took part in the clownery of a famous clown Oleg Popov. Further he travelled with his parents to different cities of Russia and abroad, acquiring priceless experience and a knack of working with the audience.

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